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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family Photo - Bangalore 07-08

I haven't been able to blog for many months, but India is still on our minds on a daily basis! We have "India nights" where we cook curries at home, eat with our hands, and play favorite CD's from Bangalore. Eliza is trying to learn some of the zany dance moves from her favorite Bollywood DVD, "Om Shanti Om." Rama came to the US to visit relatives in Philly, and "swung by" El Portal for a few wonderful days of visiting. I keep in touch with a few students and teachers in Bangalore via email and Skype, and would love to Skype more with my former wonderful students at KVMEG. If you are reading this my fine students of 7B 7C 9B & 9E, please do contact me via a comment on this blog!!!!

It takes time & is sometimes difficult to love India, but once you fall in love, India never leaves your heart!


Dan and Sarah said...

Hello to the entire Amstutz family!

I have had your name on my calendar for several months now because I have wanted to tell you about how grateful Dan and I feel that you shared your home with us and to tell you that we have great memories attached to you! My friend Laura mentioned that she met Karen at Strawberry, and we had a chance to talk about how wonderful you are. My email address for you wasn't working, so I'm glad I found your blog!

All is well in our new home in New York. Summer is teasing us today with high humidity and mugginess, but fall has really arrived here. The nights are cold, the lake almost unswimmable, and the trees are starting to change colors. Dan is enjoying the change of seasons in the garden and he's looking forward to shorter days. I'm working with NYC Outward Bound this fall, and we're still trying to decide what we're going to do in December when Dan's one-year farm internship is complete. We're interviewing on a farm in Wisconsin, so maybe we'll settle in the midwest. We'll let you know!

I hope that your family is doing well and that you're enjoying fall in the sierra...maybe it's still hotter than hell in El Portal, I've forgotten the weather specifics! We think of you fondly and talk about your home often.

Love, Sarah and Dan

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