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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Great Virginia Visit!

Got to spend a wonderful couple of days with Tboy and Marcella (and a small pink pony) way down in Blacksburg, VA. We ate and drank and savoured great conversations and a healthy dose of extremes silliness.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Visas, AirFare, and a BIG to do list!

The BLOG begins! I'm feeling pretty hi-tech, sitting up at midnight in an motel room, typing on the laptop with a WiFi connection humming along... The entire rest of the family is sleeping in a heap on the other double bed!

I'm up late trying to book air tickets for Karen and the girls, but am still awaiting my official approval letter for my Indian visa. I don't want to commit thousands of bucks to their tickets until I get that elusive approval document. We sent in all the paperwork back in March, but the Goverment of India is apparently a bit slow in processing these things. I have sweaty memories of changing money in dark crowded Indian banks, creaky ceiling fans whirring overhead, thousands of dusty old ledgers stacked on every wall, and handfuls of scribes scribbling and scurrying around piling those files ever higher... Maybe my application letter is in one of those teetering stacks! It's all a bit last minute if you ask me!

As always, there are many many more things on the to-do list than we can possibly get done... When the wheels leave the ground, and we're finally on our way, the most critical priorities will be taken care of, and the lower priorities will have faded away.

We're getting more and more excited every day! It's going to be GREAT!!!