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Friday, December 14, 2007

Belatedly Bogus Blogger

Ohhhh my.... It has been SO long since I've had time to write. And right now, there still isn't any time! Our life is so full, busy, rich, involved, wonderful and crazy, that trying to write it all down rarely happens. My personal journal has about 4 pages written in it since August! I have about 27 different topics that I'd LOVE to share online, both for YOU to read, and for our family to record for our own enjoyment and reflection.... Alas...

A few quick notes:
  • "half yearly" exams are over for Paul.... finally! It was 2 weeks of heaving grading every night... I felt like I was living in a cave! Nice to be back out in the light!
  • Just 3 weeks left in India, and SO much we'd still love to do
  • Chris and Joanna arrive in a week to visit for 10 days. We'll go to Kerala for Christmas...
  • Having a big Christmas Party on the Solstice (21st) for friends, neighbors, and faculty from Paul's school.
  • All 3 girls are starting to feel the pain of leaving... They'll be SO sad to leave India, but excited to see friends back home.
  • Karen got to do a 4 day retreat to a National Park up north (in Maharashtra?) with a bunch of fanatic wildlife enthusiasts. YES she saw a tiger!
  • Paul is stilll taking tabla lessons, and can actually make some reasonable sounds now.
  • Still eating as much amazing food as possible...
Hmmm.... I'm hungry... We have to get out of the house soon, swing by "corner dosa" for some tasty food, then off to a concert at our neighborhood performance hall. I'll try to blog more... someday!!!!!


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